You became a therapist to help people, but there can be many roadblocks.

Ryan and Emily Russ, Co-Founders of The Finding Place Counseling
Ryan & Emily Russ, Co-Founders

We get ALL of ^that!

We’ve been in bad jobs before. And we’ve worked in places that left us feeling deflated.

Have you ever thought…

  • I want to offer robust and cutting-edge therapy, but the financial investment of trainings and self-development is a burden.
  • I wish I could control my work schedule.
  • I love being a therapist, but burnout is hard to avoid.
  • I want to be with a supportive and like-minded team, but I feel alone.
  • The paperwork seems endless.

We get ALL of ^that!

We’ve been in bad jobs before. We’ve worked in places that left us feeling deflated.

The Finding Place Counseling was born out of a two-fold vision:

1) Provide the best and most effective therapy possible to clients.

2) Give people truly great jobs, minus the red tape.

The Plan

  • Equipping our team to be “therapy ninjas” is of the utmost importance. We have a generous budget to pay for continuous cutting-edge trainings. Our clients win because when the therapist has a wider range of tools and skills, the clients receive better and faster results.
  • You are in charge of your schedule. Planning a vacation? Do it! No need to request time off.
  • We provide an annual self-care budget and burn-out accountability. A therapist can only be effective if they are well.
  • We LOVE our team and meet regularly to collaborate and learn from each other because we know iron sharpens iron! We host an annual fall retreat and many other fun events that include your family. We strive to be family-friendly (because they matter the most to you)!
  • We do not file directly with insurance, so paperwork is very, very limited. We want your energy to be on your clients to provide excellent therapy, not on paperwork.

If you are a humble, hard-working therapist who is eager to grow, we want to know you!

Applying is easy!

Complete a 10-minute online questionnaire.

We will contact you to set up an interview.

Get hired and be an awesome therapist!

Experience Restoration & Freedom

At The Finding Place Counseling, we are committed to robust treatment plans to get the results you need.

The Finding Place Counseling in Little Rock, Arkansas, is a private mental health counseling center that offers both custom therapy intensives to clients across the United States, as well as traditional local counseling to help clients quickly achieve breakthroughs on the road to restoration and freedom.