REAL Testimonials from REAL Clients

Incredibly Healing Experience

I had been in talk therapy for a long time before coming to you. I wish desperately that I had received this type of therapy many years ago. I learned so much about myself and I am excited to implement them in my life.

Hopefully, as a result of me being true to myself I can have better relationships. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful the Intensive was. The name is perfect because it does get intense at times. The only regret I have is that I don’t have a recording of my time to refer to! Lol!
Raleigh, NC
Cindy’s Intensive Client

This Saved Our Family

Our family has been working with Ryan doing custom intensives individually and as a couple. Through the intensives, Ryan has been able to quickly uncover past traumas, addictive patterns, and dysfunction in our family system, and in us individually.

He is helping us to heal, repair, and restore our family and ourselves. Participating in a 2-3 day intensive provides a unique environment that allows deep therapeutic work that could take months to reach in traditional weekly therapy.

Along with Ryan’s knowledge and experience, he brings the compassion, kindness, accountability, and support that is necessary to safely work through difficult issues. It is amazing how far we have come in such a short time. We are blessed to be working with him.
Miles & Stephanie (and family)
Columbus, OH
Ryan’s Intensive clients

Best Investment In My Entire Life

I came to The Finding Place Counseling because I was struggling with something that I couldn’t see on my own. I needed another set of eyes on my life. As a therapist myself, I am very picky about who I would open up to.

I wanted to work with someone who had just the right balance of training and knowledge. Another therapist friend of mine, who I deeply respect, highly recommended I work with Ryan.

Ryan is just as knowledgeable as he is compassionate, so addressing hard things means he was my ally who was in my corner and wanted the best for me. His temperament is gentle but his approach is direct and that is exactly what I needed.

I live out of town so I flew into Little Rock for an intensive. Honestly, it was the best investment of time I have made in my adult life. The insight gained from spending concentrated time one-on-one has been invaluable and helped me make sense of much of my life’s pain.

I am a stronger husband and father and even a better-equipped therapist after working with Ryan. I highly recommend working with him.
Detroit, MI
Ryan’s Intensive client

So Helpful

The intensive was so helpful!!! And we all connected to Steve really well! Our son (age 15) connected really well which says a lot! Steve was amazing!! He was full of boundless wisdom and helpful tools! We are so glad we chose you guys to help!
Pete, Melissa, and Jacob
Oklahoma City, OK
Steve’s Clients

Dan is Amazing

During my 3-day intensive with Dan, Brainspotting was the most intensive, amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life and it has helped me so much! Dan is amazing! I can’t explain how, but I just feel lighter. It’s like I can tell a physical weight has been lifted off me!
Sugarland, TX
Dan’s Client

Crucial to My Healing Journey

My intensive with Allyson was the most amazing experience in my healing journey I’ve ever had! Allyson is by far the best therapist I’ve ever worked with!
Little Rock, AR
Allyson’s Client