Couples & Marriage Counseling

Relationships are hard. Therapy can help enrich strong relationships and heal broken ones.

Therapy for Marriages and Couples

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or married, therapy supports a couples as they navigate the complexities of their relationship to find a path forward that feels fulfilling and sustainable for you both. Most therapeutic approaches are rooted in understanding the unique dynamics of your partnership, recognizing that each relationship comes with its own history, challenges, and strengths.

What You Can Expect

Tailored Support: When you work with a therapist, your sessions will be customized to meet the specific needs of your relationship. Whether you’re facing communication breakdowns, conflicts over parenting or finances, emotional disconnect, or issues around trust and infidelity, your therapist will offer guidance and supportive strategies that foster health in your relationship.

A Safe Space: Our therapists strive to create a welcoming and non-judgmental environment where both partners feel heard and respected. It’s important that this space allows you to express your thoughts, feelings, and needs openly, without fear of criticism or blame.

Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills: One of the core components of our sessions will be to enhance your communication skills. This includes learning how to listen actively, express yourselves effectively, and navigate disagreements in a way that fosters understanding rather than distance.

Deepening Connection: Beyond addressing conflicts, our work will also focus on strengthening the emotional bond between you. We’ll explore ways to reconnect, rekindle intimacy, and appreciate each other’s contributions to the relationship, ensuring a stronger, more resilient partnership.

Individual and Joint Growth: While our primary focus is on your relationship, it’s also essential to acknowledge and work on individual issues that impact the partnership. This dual approach helps in promoting personal growth alongside relational improvement, creating a healthier environment for both partners.

How Couples/Marriage Therapy Sessions Work

Frequency and Format: Sessions are typically scheduled on a weekly basis, but we can adjust the frequency depending on your needs and progress. Both joint sessions with both partners and individual sessions (as needed) will be part of our process. Many of our therapists offer in-person sessions as well as the flexibility of online therapy to accommodate your schedules and preferences.

Active Participation: Success in therapy is a collaborative effort. We encourage active participation from both partners, including engaging in discussions during sessions and completing exercises or reflections at home. This ongoing commitment is crucial for making meaningful changes in your relationship.

Confidentiality: Trust is fundamental to our work together. Rest assured that everything discussed in our sessions is confidential, providing a secure framework for you to explore and address your relationship’s challenges knowing what is said stays between us.

Outcome-Oriented Approach: While the journey of therapy varies for each couple, goals help you achieve tangible improvements in your relationship. Whether that’s through better communication, resolving specific issues, or feeling more connected as a couple, our focus will be on moving towards the outcomes you desire both individually and as a couple.

Starting therapy is a significant step towards enhancing your relationship, and we’re here to support you through this journey with empathy, professionalism, and commitment.

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