Sexual Addiction Therapy

Addiction treatment is different than “regular therapy.” Sexual addiction treatment offers a transformative path for individuals seeking to overcome compulsive behaviors and rebuild a healthy, fulfilling life.

Why is sex addiction treatment different than “regular therapy”?

Work with a specialist! Any clinician with a counseling license can click a box that says they treat “Men’s issues” or “Sexual Problems” but working with a trained Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist (CSAT) makes a big difference! Many clients have wasted months and years with non-specialist therapists.

Sexual addiction treatment involves comprehensive assessment. And usually involves what we call “the three layers of disclosure.” First, what we discover when we first meet. Second, what comes out as more trust develops. And third, as the relationship deepens, “the REAL all of it.” This work requires tremendous safety and trust. Sexual shame is a powerful force, requiring a delicate balance of firmness and gentleness.

What makes my sex addiction treatment different than “regular therapy.”?


We have walked countless of clients through to successful sexual addiction recovery.


Due to the intimate nature of sexuality, a client needs a clinician who is comfortable entering into vulnerable and explicit topics, and who can lay out good information and understanding about such personal and intimate topics.

Firm accountability.

This is not ‘talk therapy’ where the client leads the session and talks about “what’s on your mind today?” This is task-driven, intense work. As a client, the Addict is responsible to work a holistic plan of recovery. Deception has a much shorter leash in the hands of a seasoned CSAT professional. Also, 12-Steps accountability and partner involvement are vital components to this treatment. The CSAT therapist needs other eyes and ears informing their work, not just the recovering addict’s perspective.

Skilled Trauma Resolution.

The underlying wounds, patterns, and experiences that lead to Sexual Addiction can be found in the addicts personal trauma story. However, many addicts aren’t even aware of their biggest wounds. Through the course of treatment, attachment patterns and traumas of all kinds must be found, understood, and resolved in order to find successful recovery. We utilize several experiential therapy interventions to get to the root causes. EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, Art Therapy, among other interventions.

Polygraph backed Disclosures-

Trust is everything. And trust is the first thing to go when a sexual addiction is exposed. Without knowing what happened, it’s impossible for your partner to truly heal and to begin to forgive. “Moving on” requires moving through, and that is exactly what this work does, in a thorough and efficient manner. We work with the addict to prepare them to give a disclosure statement to their partner, which can be verified via polygraph. We also work with the partner, to assess their readiness for disclosure, to support them through this process, and after. (Additional fee of $375 for the polygraph itself).

Sexual Addiction with Marital Growth/Repair

After the whole truth comes out, the whole heart follows. Grieving can begin. The couple must grieve individually and together. They must also create a new relationship, together. Many issues emerge in recovery. Sexual anorexia and emotional intimacy deficiencies to name a few. Couples that stick with it, and grow through it get to experience the hard-fought “gifts of recovery” and the deep meaning that follows.

Our biggest encouragement to anyone navigating Sexual Addiction is to seek qualified and experienced help.

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