Emily Russ

Clinic Manager, Co-Founder

A Word From Emily

Hi there! I hope I’ve had the privilege to chat with you on the phone or on email. I LOVE connecting with our clients because I know starting therapy can be scary. I know because I’ve been there multiple times throughout my life.

I’ve found myself on the counselor’s couch in adulthood after my parents divorced, after my 3rd child was born and I was crippled by postpartum anxiety, hitting roadblocks in marriage after a decade of being married (still married to the love of my life and best friend!!), and navigating parenting with 3 kids who just won’t let me be the perfect mom I always thought I’d be 😉  (Parenting is the one thing that keeps me on my knees daily. I need Jesus and His grace!)

One thing I always tell someone considering therapy: It will be hard. It might even be scary at first. But it WILL be worth it! 1000% worth it! My life’s trajectory has changed many times and each time it began by doing the hard work on a counselor’s couch. I hope you will do the same for yourself, your family, and the generations that follow you. It will be worth it.

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted.” Psalm 34:18

Experience Restoration & Freedom

Many people don’t get the results they want from therapy because insurance and standard session lengths get in the way of treating root issues.

The Finding Place Counseling in Little Rock, AR is a private counseling center that offers custom therapy intensives to help clients quickly achieve breakthroughs on the road to restoration and freedom.